To live classically, one has to be a traditionalist. Whether clothing, car, music, or furniture, classic fans around the world are united by their enthusiasm for craftsmanship and authenticity, for true values and timeless elegance. And originality is sought after just as much as original pieces. Those who move in di€ erent cultural circles fi nd that classic is in the process of developing into a new and versatile style of life – and most particularly in interior design: It may be characterized by worldly elegance or minimalism, opulence or restraint; it may be conscious of tradition, or it may transcend all boundaries. No matter what, it is more individual than ever before – and is therefore experiencing an impressive renaissance.


Composing is an art – and that also applies to interior design. With this in mind, SieMatic cooperates with renowned international designers to develop room planning concepts for the style collection Classic, whose options go far beyond traditional kitchen planning and o€er broad latitude for interpretation. These concepts make it possible to play with styles and to utilize seemingly contradictory design elements to compose a harmonious whole, to the delight of all who seek to elegantly combine the old values and the new. And those whose demanding sense of aesthetics does not fit into classic “pigeonholes.” Get to know the world of SieMatic Classic, and discover the most beautiful furnishing style for the kitchen: your own.



China Showroom

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Hong Kong Showroom

Shop B, Ground Floor & Basement of Bonny View House,
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