Zero is the first built-in professional-standard vacuum sealer that can reach a vacuum close to absolute zero (0.002 bar final pressure), indispensable for vacuum cooking and increasing food storage life in the fridge five-fold. Vacuum packing removes air from the food or liquid container, thus slowing down ageing and oxidation. Zero can be used for vacuum packing in special bags, specific containers or traditional glass jars. Zero can also be used to prepare food for vacuum cooking in water or steam ovens at a temperature of approximately 75°C.


There are 4 main functions. Crush free, preservation vacuum, vacuum cooking and vacuum cycle for containers. Zero is commercial standard technology which extends food storage life and enables you to try the innovative vacuum cooking method which has been used for many years by restaurants all over the world. The main advantage of removing the air, i.e. of creating a vacuum, is that it slows down food ageing and oxidation. Even the containers used (bags, boxes, jars) play an important part as they retain the right amount of moisture for their contents. Zero is the built-in vacuum sealer that reaches 99.9% vacuum capacity. Vacuum packing removes air from a food container thus slowing down ageing, oxidation and deterioration and significantly increasing food life (up to 5 times). With Zero, food can be vacuum packed in special vacuum bags, in vacuum boxes with lids and in traditional glass jars.



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