Design and functionality are key components in a fitted kitchen. So your refrigerator and freezer should be tailored to meet your own particular needs. As a specialist in refrigeration, Liebherr always has the right solutions: you are sure to find the perfect appliances for every kind of unit and every recess size in our uniquely extensive range. In high-end kitchens, integrated appliances are the most stylish option available – they’re totally out of sight, fit harmoniously into a kitchen’s design. Liebherr’s integrated appliances are fully concealed behind a cabinet door and allow you to show off the materials, colors and design of your custom kitchen to full advantage.


Installed in a tall kitchen cupboard, the refrigerator door simply opens in unison with the cupboard door. All that is exposed to view is your style – while behind the scenes, cutting edge refrigeration technology ensures your food is kept fresh and vitamin rich.



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