The premium kitchen cult has a fascinating charisma. This can be attributed to its fronts in natural rough-cut oak veneer and 6 mm thick ceramic. The trend-setting wood, rough-cut oak, is characterized by a magnificent vitality, a primitive naturalness and purity – just as Nature intended with all the natural features that makes this wood so unique. It is accompanied by high-quality ceramic, which is incredibly versatile and can be used, for example, on sliding doors, work surfaces, recess panelling or tabletops. In the light it shimmers to produce an iridescent reddish-brown Moiré pattern.


Cult isn’t just beautiful on the outside – it possesses an inner beauty. Concealed behind the elegant ceramic sliding doors is a veritable “kitchen workshop”. The cult boasts an array of top-notch equipment details which in a rational fitted kitchen are all part of the quality package. Add to this a consistent colour concept across the entire material range, alongside atmospheric light scenarios, then you have a recipe that cannot fail to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding of consumers. The cult model invites you to discover the finer side of life by offering a place where every day is anew to experience the joy of cooking, eating and sharing.



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